Green Hills

The Green Hills Project area consists of six tenements (E70/5566, E70/5567, E70/5568, E70/5569, E70/5570 and E70/5571). The project area is prospective for a wide variety of mineral types, including magmatic nickel-copper-PGE deposits, porphyry gold-copper deposits and orogenic gold deposits.

Historically, this area has received very little mineral exploration. Previous exploration has been focused on bauxite and kaolin, and to a lesser extent, copper and gold. Previous geological mapping has identified the presence of small ultramafic intrusions and mafic rocks (amphibolite, mafic gneiss, mafic granulite, hornblendite) of uncertain geological affinities.

More detailed geology mapping is considered likely to identify additional prospective ultramafic-mafic bodies.

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